Compliance Commitment


For us and our company, compliance always means maintaining high ethical standards while adhering to legal regulations and social norms. We pursue the goal of being an honourable businessman and of winning and strengthening the trust of our guests, employees, customers and suppliers as well as all other business partners. It is this trust in us in particular that is decisive for our constant further development and also for surviving times of crisis. We are proud of the almost 50 years of success we have enjoyed since our founding in 1973.

Our professional environment is becoming more and more complex, which means that more and more regulations and laws have to be observed. We are convinced that business should be conducted honestly, fairly and with respect for other people, their dignity and their rights.

When it comes to ethically correct behaviour that complies with the law, we set high standards for ourselves as well as for all managers and employees. Here, one thing is particularly important to us: We do not intend just to comply with legal requirements and regulations or avoid potential penalties. It is also important that each one of us actually understands and can follow the principles and corporate values.

For this purpose, we have integrated a compliance management system. It is intended to ensure that compliance is practised and implemented throughout the company. We always follow the motto


Be V(erantwortungsvoll) I(nteger) P(flichtbewusst)

Be responsible
Act with integrity
Work conscientiously

Our code of conduct in particular helps us to live by our motto.

Every employee and every member of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board has taken note of these Lindner-wide binding guidelines and confirmed such in writing.

Our integrity and compliance measures are supplemented by a ( Employees, business partners and third parties have the opportunity to raise concerns or report irregular behaviour at any time - anonymously if they wish.

Misconduct can not only damage the company's image, it can also have enormous economic consequences. Accordingly, violations are not tolerated and are consistently investigated and sanctioned, taking into account the legal framework.


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Janina Eigen
Corporate Risk- and Compliance Manager