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Lindner Hotels & Resorts takes environmental and social responsibility under the banner of climate protection. That is why we have been active in the areas of sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection for many years. We are passionate about the careful use of resources and strive to integrate this into our daily operations. 

To sustainably improve energy efficiency in all Lindner Hotels & Resorts and me and all hotels, we have implemented the following measures, among others, and established them as standard: 

  • Our hotel room management system has reduced green power consumption in our rooms by 25 percent and CO2 emissions by 79 percent since 2006
  • Heat consumption has been reduced by 20 percent over the past few years
  • LEDs, energy- and water-saving appliances, and other sustainable technologies are standard in our hotels


Our goal is to continue tackling global challenges together. This requires thinking, rethinking and often a pioneering spirit. In addition to continuous innovation, we also rely on our network of trusted experts. With GreenSign/InfraCert, we have another experienced hotel partner to further expand our sustainability measures and provide professional support.

Sustainability starts with breakfast

In addition to a large selection of local products, the Lindner Hotels and the me and all hotels only use free-range or barn-raised eggs. This is a further step towards intensifying sustainable and resource-saving action.

Whether scrambled eggs, 4-minute eggs or freshly prepared pancakes, waffles or crepes - in the hotel restaurants of Lindner Hotels AG* only eggs and egg products from alternative sources are served on the table. “Since sustainable business is very important to us and we already source the majority of our eggs from free-range farming, it was only logical to go this route completely,” reports Thomas Raszeja, Corporate Coordinator Purchasing at Lindner Hotels AG.

Local producers in focus

When selecting eggs, the Lindner Hotels and me and all hotels, together with their partners and suppliers - consistently pay attention to using regional products of very good quality wherever possible - as with all food and products. “In this way, we support the local economy and shorten transport routes,” explains Thomas Raszeja. Cooked fresh eggs, for example, must always come from free-range farming.

Energy transition in the Lindner Hotels

This is a further step for Lindner Hotels AG to promote sustainable and resource-saving business practices. The hotel group has had a number of measures in favor of intelligent air conditioning technology, energy saving and environmental protection for many years: from its own combined heat and power plants and photovoltaic systems, the use of LEDs, e-charging stations and e-bikes to beehives and insect hotels. The numbers prove the success: CO2 consumption per room has been reduced by almost 80 percent since 2006 and electricity savings of a quarter have been achieved. Since 2017, Lindner Hotels have been producing 12 percent less food waste per year through various measures, and since 2018 there has been an annual reduction of 40,000 Nespresso capsules.

level 4

Greensign certification

All Lindner Hotels & Resorts and me and all hotels are certified with the GreenSign/Level 4 sustainability seal. The 92 criteria of the test catalogue were developed on the basis of internationally recognized sustainability frameworks such as ISO 14001 (EMAS/environmental management), ISO 26000 (corporate social responsibility (CSR)) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) for the hotel industry.