The Lindner Story
The Lindner Story

beginning of the story

The story of Lindner Hotels begins in the roaring 1970s in Germany. An up-and-coming generation in search of a new way of life shaped an era of innovation, simplified travel,  unconventional architecture, extravagant design, and flashy fashion.  

founder otto lindner

As a young architect, our visionary founder, Otto Lindner, was captivated by this euphoria for progress and collective creativity. He, too, wanted to change the world and began designing extraordinary hotel buildings. It was the beginning of a true success story.

lindner hotels

Today, Lindner stands for a collection of hotels and resorts based on entrepreneurial tradition and inspired by the spirit of the times. Lindner Hotels & Resorts puts all its experience, knowledge, and energy at the service of its guests, creating a place where travelers from all walks of life can come together and immerse themselves in the local community. 

timeless values

Each hotel and resort is deeply rooted in its surroundings, revealing all the treasures and secrets that make the region so special. Lindner - that means shaping the future of the hotel industry in all its intensity and making it tangible for our guests. Passionately, authentically and based on the timeless values that have distinguished us for over 50 years.

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Lindner Story